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September 2016
Fake It Till You Make It. At Least For 2 Minutes.
Most behavior begins in the mind and the body follows. However, when it comes to feeling powerful, the mind takes after the body. According to social psychologist Amy Cuddy, nonverbal cues govern how we think and feel about ourselves. Her research shows how postures and body language affect behavior, leading to an increased or decreased sense of power and confidence depending on the stance.
Power Pose Your Way to Mindfulness 
Assuming a power pose for just two minutes is enough to make people feel less stressed and more confident by 20%. This research has great implications for the workplace, the classroom, and other social situations that present stress. When people can physically alter their level of confidence, they can approach stress in a more positive way.
Healthy Habits of Mindful Eaters 
Through all the years of new fads, it is apparent most dieting plans don’t work. You don’t have to be an expert, count calories, scrutinize nutritional info or do anything excessive with these 12 Healthy Habits. Mindful Eating simply brings more awareness to what you eat, why you eat and how your body feels when you’re eating, all which helps decrease over-eating, and increase joy in the process of nourishment.
Benefits of Daily Mindfulness Practice 
Practicing mindfulness has great benefits… your attention becomes more focused, your intentions become more purposeful and your actions more easily follow your intentions. Your stress melts away as the part of your brain that controls stress, the amygdala, actually reduces in size. There are many resources for daily practice – Check out Blue365 to find a solution for the mindfulness you deserve.
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